Mobile Massage Therapy

About Me

My name is Sahra Turner and I love the work I do. I attended Everest College graduated in 2012. Right away I began my own private work and continue this journey.

My best modality is Deep Tissue because I am always finding new ways to truly get into muscles and release tension. I am currently studying Neuromuscular Therapy to get even better results in creating the most relaxing massage. My ultimate goal is to create an experience that makes people get off my table and say "Wow! Thank you so much!" I love taking weight off people shoulders and helping them let go for an hour or hour and a half.

This is just the beginning of my career, and I am so to lucky to have had the opportunity to have healed and touched so many  people. I am so grateful for this gift, experience and skill.  I have met so many souls, still have many to go, and I still love it after 10+ years!

If you have any questions, the best way to contact me is through text.